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Who the hell is that not familiar with GTA game an adventure game that is very popular up to now this game is introduced by one of the developers Rockstar Games GTA’s best up to now already released version 5 and everything is successful all over the world like previous GTA’s already released version 1 to 5 when it is also divided into several versions such as the GTA San Andreas , Grand Theft Auto Vice City and you can play them online if you buy the official license and can be played on your PC or laptop as long as you meet the specifications, if you try to use the GTA Mod must be careful because if Rockstar party knowing your account can be banned, but if you play it offline is not a problem

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How to download GTA 5 PC

GTA 5 PC release on April 14, 2015, developed by Rockstar, the game genre Action Adventure is already playable in several Windows, including the following: Microsoft flatroom XBox One, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 if I see this game is very similar to real people and cars drove quickly, how to hit people and also rides a vehicle like real

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The vision of a game of GTA 5, 9 years after the theft of the North and Michelle eventually escaped to Los Santos is a city located on the San Andreas in the beginning Michelle was talking with the doctor of their fredlander so glad isiah chat in a chair near the coast while sitting and chatting suddenly Franklin and Lamar met and asked Michele where he saves car Obey 9F and DC Rapid GT resembling (Audi R8 and Ferrari California)

Michelle said that she didn’t know anything about the House and finally solved lamar and franklin left them and lamar and Franklin stole the car and drove him to the garage belongs to Simoen Yetarian owner of a premium car club motor sport after going through the various obstacles they just chased the police

The Required Specifications of GTA V

Here are a few minimum spec to be able to run the game GTA V if you have a spec today then that would be great

To be able to play the game this heavyweight, you must have a minimum PC specifications:

OS — Windows Vista 64-bit SP2, Windows 7 64-bit SP1, Windows 8 64-bit, 64-bit Windows 8.1
Processor — Intel Core 2 Q6600 @ 2.4 GHz, AMD Phenom 9850 2.5 GHz @
Memory — 4 GB
Video Card NVIDIA 9800 GT — 1 GB, AMD HD 4870 1 GB
Sound Card — 100% DirectX 10 compatible
HDD — 65 GB
But in order to play comfortably and smoothly, the recommended PC specs are:

OS — Windows 7 64-bit SP1, Windows 8 64-bit, 64-bit Windows 8.1
Processor — Intel Core i5 3470 @ 3.2 GHz, AMD FX-8350 X 8 @ 4 GHz
Memory — 8 GB
Video Card — NVIDIA GTX 660 2 GB, AMD HD 7870 2 GB
Sound Card — 100% DirectX 10 compatible
HDD — 65 GB




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