GTA San Andreas: Overview Plot Story Line Characters and Skills

The Review of GTA San AndreasĀ For gamers who have played GTA San Andreas, the starch would say that the way the story is presented by the developer is riveting. Lots of intrigues contained in this game. Therefore, for those of you who are still confused by the story of this game, we present a summary of the full game that can be said without this limit.

Banished from Los Santos

This is where the beginning of the game begins. The main character in this GTA nicknamed CJ (Carl Johnson). CJ had left Los Santos because of an upheaval gang. However, he was forced to return to the homeland since getting the news that his mother had been killed. Unfortunately, when CJ attend his mother’s funeral, he was pursued by his nemesis the Ballas, one of the gangs who hates gang Grove St. families.

For that reason, CJ finally decided to settle down in Los Santos and trying to restore the glory Grove St Families. Together with Sweet and their close associates are already considered family (Big Smoke and Ryder) is able to create Grove St Families rise. Misfortune still continues to afflict the Johnson family, after his mother was killed, Sweet (brother CJ) was jailed for life over plans corrupt cop in Los Santos. It is also caused by the turning away of their gang associates Seville Family who decided to split and join Ballas. Not only that, CJ also threatened not to return to Los Santos and had to do the dirty work corrupt cops (Tenpenny and Pulaski).

Country Side (the rural)

After leaving Los Santos, a corrupt police unit dubbed CRASH forced CJ to do the dirty work very cornering CJ. Because it is also CJ finally meets with new colleagues. Including acquainted with Catalina (brother Cesar), the truth and Woozie (Zi Wu Ma), which later became a partner CJ in crushing Ballas and Vagos. Without planning, CJ finally follows the Truth to San Fiero after he completed the mission with Catalina.

Starts Business in San Fiero.

Business cultivated by CJ began when he entered in this city. In this city, he then knew Mike Toreno, a leader of Loco Syndicate. In addition, he then knew Woozie which then makes the CJ as one of his colleagues in running the casino business in Las Venturas. Relations with Woozie began when CJ finished from school Pilot. While his relationship with Mike Toreno occurred when he was about to blow up the helicopter in which Toreno in it, but CJ dissuade because information held by Toreno. Sweet also eventually be freed by the help of Toreno, but with one condition that the CJ had to do something to Toreno. Another mission that must be completed by the CJ has killed Ryder, the traitor.

Las Venturas

Las Venturas become a point of cultivation for CJ and resurrection Grove St Families, Las Venturas is the one then CJ to know a lot of people, including Ken Rosenberg, Maccer, Ken Paul and even mad dog, a famous artist who in Los Santos has been robbed and was himself by CJ country to help untalented rapper, OG Lock. In one of the missions of Las Venturas, CJ will kill officer Pulaski, one of the people trust in a corrupt police unit CRASH.

After all, missions completed in Las Venturas, CJ who became manager Mad dog returned home to Los Santos for seizing Mansion owned by Mad Dog. In this section, CJ entertainment business run by Mad Dog, Maccer, Paul and Ken Rosenberg. Here too Sweet freed by Mike Toreno.

Well, here’s the final seconds of the game. CJ managed to restore the glory of Grove Street as before, and collect separate counterparts, including corrupt police commander killed, Tenpenny. In addition, CJ managed to kill Big Smoke who have defected whilst it is difficult to do. Then CJ and Seet back to Los Santos.

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