GTA San Andreas Story Line: The Rise of Grove Street Families

In a previous article, we told that CJ back to Los Santos and experience an unpleasant thing. Arriving at his old camp, some corrupt Los Santos police arrested him on false charges of murder Pendelbury ie, one of the security officers. It is unfortunate actions of a corrupt cop that C.R.A.S.H unit. Not only brings CJ, but also take all the money that CJ had. In addition, once on Ballas, the officer that arresting CJ then throw him out. Good luck to CJ, he found his way back to the old camp and then meet Big Smoke to come to the funeral. Big Smoke is a gang member who has a name in Los Santos. From this and CJ decided to stay in Los Santos, tried to restore a state of turmoil.

gta family

In this CJ decisions, life began to change and her career began to take shape. As a rapper with the help of OG Loc. In addition, after saving Denise Robinson, CJ dating for the first time with her. So, what crisis is happening? CJ on cooperation Sweet and Big Smoke circuitry as well as several other GSF gang members start the action. They began by doing Ballas Drive by in the neighborhood. Another mission for CJ is to use any means to commit theft of weapons.

In this section we can refer to as a form of revenge CJ and members of Grove St Families to Vagos and Ballas. One success of the GSF is able to kill the leader Ballas to shoot him in the temple Kane. In addition, the territory controlled by Ballas able snatched back by the GSF. However, before the start of the action, Big Smoke and CJ decide to reunite spark of GSF that divided into 3 small gang that was agreed by all the remaining members of the gang.

Revenge of Ballas

But unfortunately, the Ballas do not stay silent. They are trying to recoup what he had to do with trying to kill GSF member, Sweet in the Mulholland parking area. Luckily, CJ aware of the pitfalls created by Ballas although Sweet has arrived at Mulholland and badly wounded. CJ came and gunbattles happening again. CJ managed to kill all Ballas members that present at Mulholland. Damn, Sweet caught by the police. While CJ and Tepenny do not know where they were. When they are unconscious, they already were in the car and is very far from Los Santos. The place was filled with mountains and very secluded. It is very far from the village of Los Santos.

Starting a new business

CJ and Tepeny conscious existence is far from Los Santos then find a garage to die in San Fiero. Getting a barrage of pressure. GSF by CJ is decided to disband and give up their territory ruled by Ballas and Vagos. After that, they rented a house in a small town in the countryside near Pine Angel. Thanks to the efforts of CJ, he finally got the deed to the business that will they do in the garage, he found.
Long story short, with the help of Wu zi Mu a China gang leader in Los Santos, CJ and his colleagues managed to blow up the factory warehouse in Doherty that produce cocaine. It also managed to blow up the helicopter in which there Toreno, one of the leaders Loco Syndicate. After that, they managed to establish a relationship with a lot of gang such as Vietnam Boys. CJ and Cesar finally able to create a new business with a revamp garage dead as initial properties and developed into a successful business deductions.

Back to Los Santos

Correctly that Toreno not killed by CJ. That’s because the information could CJ rake based on Toreno’s  information about the Sweet inside the jail. From the description of Toreno, CJ eventually learned that the killer of Pendelbury was Tenpenny and Pulaski were blamed Carl for did it. At the session of Las Venturas, CJ finally met with Tenpenny and killed Pulaski. While Tenpenny thrown into prison. One thing that really infuriates Pulaski CJ is a phrase that says want to make love with CJ’s sister. Furthermore, CJ managed to get back his house in Los Santos with the help of a rapper named Madd Dogg.

After CJ managed to get his house back and keep Toreno promise to free Sweet. Then, start the victory and the glory of the Grove Street Families. They seized the territory seized by Ballas and Vagos. GSF declares open war on the gangs fought Ballas and Vagos.  Then what happened to Tenpenny?

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