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How do I complete the Burglary Mission once play in GTA San Andreas

The GTA is an exciting Adventure games and save several important missions in it, talking about the Mission of GTA Has an awful lot of missions that must be completed as well as the Mission of the Burglary and how Solution actually in the mission do not add to 100% completion percentage, but the reward earned by CJ, i.e. Infinite Sprint, greatly help CJ completing missions in GTA San Andreas. Infinite Sprint is the skill that allows sprint continually ran CJ without stopping and feeling exhausted.

Many have said if the Burglary mission is not profitable, especially when the goal looking for money. In the Burglary mission results in sales of goods in the lockup. In addition to the CJ had to sneak in the House who want to be robbed, police chasedwhen C.J. caught homeowners. Rob drug dealers more exciting and the money obtained fair much.

Burglary missions can be accessed at the beginning of the game, even before CJ complete mission “Home Invasion”, when you want to create a Save Game Master, do not forget to complete the first sub mission of Burglary.

Burglary missions described in this tutorial is done in Los Santos. So for you who want to make a Save-Game Master, check out the tutorial here.
Burglary missions can be started from 02:00 p.m. to 06.00 in the morning. Find a Boxville truck parked at a particular location to begin your mission and go to where the target before 20:00. In Los Santos, Boxville trucks you can find in the Idlewood opposite place gym.

You must find two adjacent houses in the area of Playa Del Seville or near low-rider’s car repair shop in the Willowfield. Both houses must be marked with yellowcones which means the House could be accessed. Boxville parking between the twohouses. After CJ robbed the first home, second home, go and grab the stuff as much as possible in the living room. And this is the trick (bug), when CJ log in again to the House first, goods that last taken reappear. Continue to repeat over and over again, raiding the House first and then to the home of the first two and home again.

When resolved efficiently, CJ can steal 25 items in one night worth more than $10.000. Congratulations! A $3.000 reward and Infinite Sprint can be as easy as this CJ get instead?

Tips complete the Burglary Mission in one night

1. Rather than sneak left Shift + keypad with Directions that make CJ slowly, press “C” to advance while squat because it will not cause any sound. But stay focused to avoid the objects because it will cause a sound.
2. After the CJ stuff don’t sneak, straight out as soon as possible. And during a police counter on the screen has not reached 0, CJ can go again to the home earlier without a problem.
3. CJ could have been facing a homeowner with a silenced pistol. But CJ might have to get out of the House after doing so. Sign in again and now the noise meter does not exist. Now that CJ can be robbed without having to think of noise.
4. CJ may drive a Boxville before 20:00. Direct stand-by on target before 20:00. So, CJ has many maximum time until 18:00.
5. Although there is a counter to 00:00, CJ doesn’t have to arrive at the place of the lock-up at 18:00. After the counter is depleted, CJ will be given 5 minutes to get to the lock-up.
6. do not sort out which goods will be taken, take any because it costs just the same.
7. When signing in to the House that there are members of the Gank run out and find other homes.

8. Lock-up Places will not accept goods when CJ chased the police (there was a wanted star). Boxville paint in the Pay ‘n Spray to remove wanted star.

Okay so some tip Burglary Mission completion in GTA San andreas Games, good luck

GTA 5 Secrets of Vehicle and you should know

Games GTA keeps the mystery of to, including several types of rare and unique vehicles that have not been much reviewed media GTA 5 is a game that is very popular in recent years and many make the gamers the more curious to explore the whole of Los Santos started the village to urban corners even though they often bring a few missions not to mention for people that love the creative mode of excess Gemini Gymnastics there also are editing some other garden vehicle of course makes himself for the gamers GTA 5 in terms of gameplay and graphics are charming on the outside in terms of moding turns GTA5 is also widely available several vehicles rare pity if you miss the rhymes let us discuss here

gta 5 hack

Perhaps this vehicle is most difficult to find due to the location of the hidden even in the village this vehicle looks very dull and not well maintained but you may drive these vehicles properly around the estate to charity shelter proposal just off El Gordo Lighthouse

Hydra Jet only you can find at the Gru military base extra tight, if you want to get in there are some Wanted Level will go up if you want to steal it to prepare your armor or weapon full to use cheat don’t forget to purchase price in advance to save this cat Hydra jet equipped with missile and rocket weapons

Tanks also you can find at some military bases but if you do not want to got shot by military forces can buy it through online via smartphones or laptop Rhino tanks can also be stored in Hangar

one vehicle of this kind can be found in Sandy Shores as well as ATV vehicles also can you buy in San Andreas Autos Sport and it is a limited edition vehicle unlike Trevor

one of the vehicles over the rarest i.e. road and go who just lived his only machine framework naturally these vehicles you can have and able to explore some of the Terrain is good mountain, beaches, forests, hills, Dune Buggy can also be found on the northernmost coast of Los Santos vehicles is also available on the price property of Travel not already completed missions

submersible is the submarine submarine exists in the GTA are equipped with sailors supporters of dives such as oxygen equipment and wet suits players file out of a submarine still at sea and then the player will automatically use the diving outfit


Savage fighting vehicle Helicopter is part of the Heist which can be bought online using the Smartphone player. Savage helicopter is a helicopter with a rocket launcher that is very attractive to destroy anything.


The next vehicle is a Buggati Veyron Supercar cars. In the Legendary Motorsport car price is quite expensive ($ 1juta). But if you do not want to buy, you can look it up in the Hills near Rockford home of Michael (in a parking lot near the Barbershop & clothing store). This car will only look at the afternoon hours only between the hours of 15:00 to 18:00.


Space Docker is Buggy vehicles that have been modified and there is only one, and even then you have to collect 50 Spaceship parts to gain access to this unique vehicle.

10. JB 700

JB classic 700 vehicle is a vehicle belonging to the James Bond 007 This vehicle is one of the classic sport vehicles in the GTA V.


Another one of the classic sports car that cool and different from other cars. Franken Stange can purchased at the Legendary Motorsport.

Okay so some of what vehicles that not many people know about GTA 5 game hopefully friends and Comrades who know here can maximize again how the main GTA 5 fun and Fun of course and also companions don’t have GTA 5 Companions can be downloaded in the previous page I’ve downloaded things what to have before friends play a game of GTA 5