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Download Games GTA San Andreas Mod All Series

Hallo friend gamers, incessant inquiries I say thank you because it’s been visiting my little blog. At this time the post I want to share the best website for Mendownlad MOD Gta San Andreas. GTA San Andreas were Games Ex. 2004 lhooo but sampe now still a lot of players, I am one of the Gta San Andreas also hehe. The reason I played Gta San Andreas is karna, Game Gta San Andreas it could at the MOD. But looking for a mod with good quality is indeed hard, well you could download the Mod with good quality In one of the Web.

I’ve been following the Web surveys and see the view, indeed nice. best yuk.

1. Gtaind

For those of you who want to find a website to mod Gta San andreas with the Indonesian Language can visit this one. This website provides over 2000 + Mod that you can download the Mod you downloaded and speak Indonesian. One of the Admins on the web also edit Gta San Andreas Gta be Extreme or Gta Indonesia Version where the Temple of Borobudur, Monas, etc there are there. It also provides Web Upload feature, if you make your own homemade Mod uploaded wrote here and include your name. Most of The uploaded and download on the web are mostly Indonesians, so if you uploaded mod Gta san andreas players here in indonesian will know.

Web link:

2. Game Modding

On the web this is me download the Mod, on the web you don’t have to bother bother installing a mod after downloading. On the web is already available Tools Automatic Mod installer, so after you download just click the installer and install it at the site of the game Gta San andreas then the Mod is already installed in the Gta. But before you install the mod with the Tools Installer Gta San andreas Game make sure you’ve installed Cleo 4. This website provides over 5000 + Mod Gta San Andreas. This website provides account and uploaded, so you can upload a Mod you with accounts that you’ve created. If you will be a nice Mod Top Modifications and your account will be at the top. Usually this Website also hosts the Event Event. Pengupload this Website from within the country and abroad. So if you upload a Mod on this website will get outside indonesia to figure it out.

gta san andreas hack

Web link:

3. GTAinside

want a cool Vehicle Modifications? on the web this is the place. on this website there are over 3000 + nice Mod. I usually visit this website just to find and download the MOD Vehicles, karna is best of the quality is indeed arguably good. This website also provides account and upload, if you create an account on this website you can also send messages to other accounts and even you can send a request for friendship. If you upload a MOD and sent a message with a foreign language, understand it. because uploaded the Mod on this website comes from within and outside of indonesia.

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On the website of this one, not just a Mod that you can get. Here you can get information, Tips, tricks, cheat codes and other information about the Game Gta San andreas. This website provides over 2000 + Mod. You can also download gta san andreas soundtrack here.

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5. GtaGaming

You newbies in the Game Gta San Andreas? Learn aja from here, a lot of information that you can get on the Game GTA San Andreas. Starting from character Information (Cj, Ryder, Big smoke etc.), location (Los santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas, Country side & dessert), feature, group of gang, Gun, vehicle Specifications and other information. In addition to the information you can also get a guide or Tips and tricks to play Gta Lhoo. and certainly at the website you can also get a Mod, this website has over 2000 + Mod that you can download. This website also provides features to your account, this account function so that you can discuss with other GTA San andreas players in the forums.

Web link:

Characters in GTA San Andreas Part II

GTA is the most action games adventure a lot in interest even from among children up to adult and here are a few characters that are often at play in GTA San Andreas games online

Eddi Pulaski 


Together with Tenpenny, he always tries to be able to kill CJ. This corrupt police also instrumental in misleading CJ and Sweet. Pulaski to say cowardly, because it has a bold and harsh nature if he was near his commander, Tenpenny. Voice for this character is Chris Penn who also has a Black Belt Karate and has starred in more than 50 films in Hollywood.


Although as a member of the CRASH unit led by Tenpenny. Hernandez’s overall role strongly disagree with the way in which the co-worker that is trying to kill CJ and damaging Grove St Families. Thanks to the help of Hernandez, Pendenbulry killer revealed. This then causes the death of Hernandez. Tenpenny and Pulaski feel cheated by the Hernandez attitude and then kill him. Dubber for this figure is Armando Riesco also the voice in GTA Vice City and Midnight Club II. In addition, Riesco also the voice of a few pedestrians in the GTA series.

Wu Zi Mu

Figures are tall and quiet. He is a collector. He is a figure who heads the gang named Boys Cloud Mountain, one part of the Triad gangs. Unfortunately, these figures are blind, though he was well known as a reliable rider and golfer. His involvement with the CJ was when he helped several missions that must be completed by CJ, one of which is against the Da Nang Boys, their rivals. Voice for Wu Zi Mu is James Yaegashi who starred in Round Bottle as Cole in 1999.

Mike Toreno

Toreno is one of the Loco Syndicate leaders which control several farms in Teirra Robada, together with T-Bone Mendez and Jizzy B. He also works as an agent of the CIA and squeezes Carl for his involvement in the drug trade. Toreno is said to help CJ to liberate Sweet from prison. But the role of Toreno is unethical because he uses CJ as shields for his safety. Why is that so? Because Toreno has many enemies in Los Santos. Voice for this character is James Woods, one of the best actor Academy Award in the film in Salvador as Richard Boyle.

Cesar Vialpano 

The character played by Clifton Collins has many tattoos on his body. Cesar is a CJ’s childhood friend who also helped CJ in through his life including taking care of the deed garage for a business that they develop in order to collect money. This figure mastered Los Aztecas and is obsessed with stolen cars. Cesar has a very high honour and integrity. It may be said that the role of Cesar in this series is very helpful CJ to regain territory and restore Grove St Families to its original state.


Denise Robinson

This figure is CJ’s first girlfriend. This Character who love drive by action has a close relationship with the Johnson family and Grove St Families. It could be said that she is a figure that is much coveted by the players in this game because of its appeal to be invited to have sex. But unfortunately, she can not always available anytime. The right time to be able to see Denis is 4 pm to 6 pm. Denise’s voice for the character is Heather Alicia Simms who starred Slow Run and Shock Act.

Brian and Beverly Johnson

They are may be the turmoil which then makes CJ eradicate Ballas and Vagos, one reason is the death of Brian and Beverly. Brian is CJ and Sweet’s brother who died in a shooting incident. Likewise with Mrs Beverly, who also died in the same incident, but at different times. We can say that these two characters are the starting point of the story plot of GTA San Andreas full of turmoil.

Important characters in GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas in the series, there are several prominent or powerful character that we present to the reader. Not all the characters we’ve entered, only some of the figures that have an important role for this series alone story. The voice in the series can be said is the people who’ve starred in a wide range of Hollywood films such as Menace II Society and Pulp Fiction.

Carl Johnson (CJ)


CJ is the main character in this game. CJ, the acronym of Carl Johnson is a protagonist figure in the story of GTA San Andreas. Carl Johnson and in this article we call as CJ was born and grew up in Los Santos, exactly at Grove Street, Ganton. CJ does not live alone in the house, he was alive and living with his parents and brother. CJ joining a gang named Grove Street families in their environment is when CJ was a child and get to know some of his friends like Sean Sweet. With Reviews their entry into the gang, no doubt if there is another gang that is bothering them. The gangs that Also disturbing is the Vagos and Ballas.

Voice for the character CJ is a rapper named Chris Maylay Bellar. He is hopeful of success for GTA San Andreas.

Sean Johnson (Sweet)

Sweet is CJ’s older brother. Sweet argues that the mastermind is to blame for the death of Brian, their brother is Carl. Sweet is the head of the group or gang Grove St Families where CJ also present in it. Sweet very uncontrollable and is a very strong character. For Sweet, not a word of apology to Carl before all debts repaid by Carl. Including the deaths of his brother. It may be said that Sweet is a figure very loyal to the GSF. It is said that Sweet was caught by the Los Santos corrupt police because of gunfire until finally able freed by CJ with the help of Toreno.

Voice for this character is Faizon Love, who was born in 1968 in Santiago de Cuba.


Big Smoke

People who have extreme weight is so obsessed with money. Although at the beginning of the story he was on the list of gang members Grove St Families, but eventually he joined the Ballas and Vagos because tempted by money. Voiced for Big Smoke is Clifton Powell who also starred in the film Menace II Society.

Ryder Lance Wilson

The character played by MC Eiht who also starred Menace Society II belongs to the traitor in the gang leaders Grove St Families. It is said that Ryder is not Loyal and very greedy. The posture of this one is thin, short, and stubborn. One of the big mistakes that became known Ryder is doing business with the Loco Syndicate headed by Mike Toreno, Jizzy B, and T-Bone Mendez.


This is the figure who acted as one of the corrupt police officers in Los Santos that the culprit murder Pendenbulry and CJ blame for what happened. It may be said that Tenpenny really do not like CJ and the gang Grove St Families. Together with his colleague, Pulaski. He built a business that dwells in the world of crime in Los Santos. Officers who lead the CRASH unit in Los Santos it is a respected officer, that is why he was always able to escape from a wide range of possibilities for the law. Including when he was found guilty of murder Pendenbulry, but later released because of insufficient evidence to put him in the jail.

Voiced for this figure is Samuel L. Jackson, one of the ever nominated for an Oscar for his role as Jules Winnfield, a burly and foul-mouthed in the Pulp Fiction movie.

History of the GTA Games that people rarely Know

Who the hell is not familiar with the GTA Games a video game genre Action Adventure created by Rockstar North (formerly DMA Design). The initial version of the GTA made in 1997 with the name of the beginning of the Race And the Chase, but then replaced with the Grand Theft Auto name. The game was originally intended for the platform Play Station 1, PCs (Windows, M-Dos) and Handheld Gaming devices Boy Color.

Early graphic animations 2D GTA Games (GTA, GTA 2), then continues 3D (GTA 3, GTA San Andreas), and finally HD (GTA 4, GTA 4). In this users, gamers will act as a character who can do many things begin from running free, driving vehicles, firefight, and a variety of other actions as in the open world game. Location/area the continuation of this game is a fictional location, most took the theme of cities in the United States by using fictitious names like Liberty City (New York City), Los Santos (Los Angeles), Las Venturas (Las Vegas), and the San Fierro (San Fransisko).

The following is the history of the game GTA from earlier versions to the latest:


This is the first game from the Grand Theft Auto Series release in 1997 for Play Station 1, PC, and Game Boy Color.


GTA London 1969 release in 1999, this was the second version of the game GTA for console Play Station 1 and PC, graphics also looks nicer with GTA 97. That same year, DMA Design also released GTA London 1961 to Windows gamers


GTA 2 returns in the same year with GTA London the year 1999. In addition to the PS1, PC, and Game Boy Color, GTA 2 is also present for the Sega Dreamcast game console. GTA 2 also became the final version of the GTA in a 2D Universe.


GTA 3 was officially released in 2001. Large quantities of graphics overhaul done on versions of the game GTA 3 along with the emergence of the expatriate game console New Play Station 2, this game uses a 3D Universe so the look of the game seem more real than the previous version of the GTA games. In addition to PS2 and XBOX, GTA 3 also made versions for the PC (Windows, oSX), and Mobile (iOS, Android and the Kindle).


Grand Theft Auto Vice City was released in 2002 for Play Station 2, XBOX, and then followed for Windows, oSX and mobile.


GTA San Andreas takes the theme of the California region and beyond in the 90s Game. It was released in 2004. GTA San Andreas is very popular among gamers PS2 and XBOX, until recently GTA SA actually still quite popular for PC gamer, one of the things that simply make this popular game is Mod him, where gamers can add artificial element to be inserted into the game, such as vehicles, skin, or mission. In the year also Release Grand Theft Auto Advance for the GBA.


GTA LCS is the sequel of GTA 3, this game was released in 2005. While the console game sample GTA LCS, among others, Play Station 2 and the PSP.



This game is a sequel to the GTA Vice city before, this game was released in 2006, exactly a year after GTA LCS rises.


Rockstar back make an impact by presenting the HD version for the game Grand Theft Auto, GTA IV is the first version that uses HD Universe so look and the course of the game the more realistic. The official GTA IV was released in 2008 for the Play Station 3, XBOX 360 and Windows PC. The City Of Liberty City return present in GTA 4.


GTA The Lost and Damned is the latest version and is also part of GTA IV. The location of the City used by the city in GTA IV. The game’s official release in 2009. Available for PS3, XBOX 360 and Windows PC.


GTA Chinatown Wars was released in the same year with GTA The Lost and Damned and the GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony. GTA Chinatown Wars is just a game devoted to Handheld devices (PSP, Nintendo DS) and iOS Mobile devices.



GTA 5 newly released in 2013 and then, this game had a record-breaking world in terms of sales of the best-selling video game entertainment products with the biggest income for 24 hours since the release. Pictures, graphics and the videos look very nice and perfect. GTA Five is available for many platforms like PS3, Play Station 3, XBOX 360, XBOX and the PC One Windows. GTA V is the only version of the GTA that played 3 characters at once in the game. Apparently the developers did not play in make the best selling game of all time.