GTA San Andreas Story Line: The Rise of Grove Street Families

In a previous article, we told that CJ back to Los Santos and experience an unpleasant thing. Arriving at his old camp, some corrupt Los Santos police arrested him on false charges of murder Pendelbury ie, one of the security officers. It is unfortunate actions of a corrupt cop that C.R.A.S.H unit. Not only brings CJ, but also take all the money that CJ had. In addition, once on Ballas, the officer that arresting CJ then throw him out. Good luck to CJ, he found his way back to the old camp and then meet Big Smoke to come to the funeral. Big Smoke is a gang member who has a name in Los Santos. From this and CJ decided to stay in Los Santos, tried to restore a state of turmoil.

gta family

In this CJ decisions, life began to change and her career began to take shape. As a rapper with the help of OG Loc. In addition, after saving Denise Robinson, CJ dating for the first time with her. So, what crisis is happening? CJ on cooperation Sweet and Big Smoke circuitry as well as several other GSF gang members start the action. They began by doing Ballas Drive by in the neighborhood. Another mission for CJ is to use any means to commit theft of weapons.

In this section we can refer to as a form of revenge CJ and members of Grove St Families to Vagos and Ballas. One success of the GSF is able to kill the leader Ballas to shoot him in the temple Kane. In addition, the territory controlled by Ballas able snatched back by the GSF. However, before the start of the action, Big Smoke and CJ decide to reunite spark of GSF that divided into 3 small gang that was agreed by all the remaining members of the gang.

Revenge of Ballas

But unfortunately, the Ballas do not stay silent. They are trying to recoup what he had to do with trying to kill GSF member, Sweet in the Mulholland parking area. Luckily, CJ aware of the pitfalls created by Ballas although Sweet has arrived at Mulholland and badly wounded. CJ came and gunbattles happening again. CJ managed to kill all Ballas members that present at Mulholland. Damn, Sweet caught by the police. While CJ and Tepenny do not know where they were. When they are unconscious, they already were in the car and is very far from Los Santos. The place was filled with mountains and very secluded. It is very far from the village of Los Santos.

Starting a new business

CJ and Tepeny conscious existence is far from Los Santos then find a garage to die in San Fiero. Getting a barrage of pressure. GSF by CJ is decided to disband and give up their territory ruled by Ballas and Vagos. After that, they rented a house in a small town in the countryside near Pine Angel. Thanks to the efforts of CJ, he finally got the deed to the business that will they do in the garage, he found.
Long story short, with the help of Wu zi Mu a China gang leader in Los Santos, CJ and his colleagues managed to blow up the factory warehouse in Doherty that produce cocaine. It also managed to blow up the helicopter in which there Toreno, one of the leaders Loco Syndicate. After that, they managed to establish a relationship with a lot of gang such as Vietnam Boys. CJ and Cesar finally able to create a new business with a revamp garage dead as initial properties and developed into a successful business deductions.

Back to Los Santos

Correctly that Toreno not killed by CJ. That’s because the information could CJ rake based on Toreno’s  information about the Sweet inside the jail. From the description of Toreno, CJ eventually learned that the killer of Pendelbury was Tenpenny and Pulaski were blamed Carl for did it. At the session of Las Venturas, CJ finally met with Tenpenny and killed Pulaski. While Tenpenny thrown into prison. One thing that really infuriates Pulaski CJ is a phrase that says want to make love with CJ’s sister. Furthermore, CJ managed to get back his house in Los Santos with the help of a rapper named Madd Dogg.

After CJ managed to get his house back and keep Toreno promise to free Sweet. Then, start the victory and the glory of the Grove Street Families. They seized the territory seized by Ballas and Vagos. GSF declares open war on the gangs fought Ballas and Vagos.  Then what happened to Tenpenny?

History of the GTA Games that people rarely Know

Who the hell is not familiar with the GTA Games a video game genre Action Adventure created by Rockstar North (formerly DMA Design). The initial version of the GTA made in 1997 with the name of the beginning of the Race And the Chase, but then replaced with the Grand Theft Auto name. The game was originally intended for the platform Play Station 1, PCs (Windows, M-Dos) and Handheld Gaming devices Boy Color.

Early graphic animations 2D GTA Games (GTA, GTA 2), then continues 3D (GTA 3, GTA San Andreas), and finally HD (GTA 4, GTA 4). In this users, gamers will act as a character who can do many things begin from running free, driving vehicles, firefight, and a variety of other actions as in the open world game. Location/area the continuation of this game is a fictional location, most took the theme of cities in the United States by using fictitious names like Liberty City (New York City), Los Santos (Los Angeles), Las Venturas (Las Vegas), and the San Fierro (San Fransisko).

The following is the history of the game GTA from earlier versions to the latest:


This is the first game from the Grand Theft Auto Series release in 1997 for Play Station 1, PC, and Game Boy Color.


GTA London 1969 release in 1999, this was the second version of the game GTA for console Play Station 1 and PC, graphics also looks nicer with GTA 97. That same year, DMA Design also released GTA London 1961 to Windows gamers


GTA 2 returns in the same year with GTA London the year 1999. In addition to the PS1, PC, and Game Boy Color, GTA 2 is also present for the Sega Dreamcast game console. GTA 2 also became the final version of the GTA in a 2D Universe.


GTA 3 was officially released in 2001. Large quantities of graphics overhaul done on versions of the game GTA 3 along with the emergence of the expatriate game console New Play Station 2, this game uses a 3D Universe so the look of the game seem more real than the previous version of the GTA games. In addition to PS2 and XBOX, GTA 3 also made versions for the PC (Windows, oSX), and Mobile (iOS, Android and the Kindle).


Grand Theft Auto Vice City was released in 2002 for Play Station 2, XBOX, and then followed for Windows, oSX and mobile.


GTA San Andreas takes the theme of the California region and beyond in the 90s Game. It was released in 2004. GTA San Andreas is very popular among gamers PS2 and XBOX, until recently GTA SA actually still quite popular for PC gamer, one of the things that simply make this popular game is Mod him, where gamers can add artificial element to be inserted into the game, such as vehicles, skin, or mission. In the year also Release Grand Theft Auto Advance for the GBA.


GTA LCS is the sequel of GTA 3, this game was released in 2005. While the console game sample GTA LCS, among others, Play Station 2 and the PSP.



This game is a sequel to the GTA Vice city before, this game was released in 2006, exactly a year after GTA LCS rises.


Rockstar back make an impact by presenting the HD version for the game Grand Theft Auto, GTA IV is the first version that uses HD Universe so look and the course of the game the more realistic. The official GTA IV was released in 2008 for the Play Station 3, XBOX 360 and Windows PC. The City Of Liberty City return present in GTA 4.


GTA The Lost and Damned is the latest version and is also part of GTA IV. The location of the City used by the city in GTA IV. The game’s official release in 2009. Available for PS3, XBOX 360 and Windows PC.


GTA Chinatown Wars was released in the same year with GTA The Lost and Damned and the GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony. GTA Chinatown Wars is just a game devoted to Handheld devices (PSP, Nintendo DS) and iOS Mobile devices.



GTA 5 newly released in 2013 and then, this game had a record-breaking world in terms of sales of the best-selling video game entertainment products with the biggest income for 24 hours since the release. Pictures, graphics and the videos look very nice and perfect. GTA Five is available for many platforms like PS3, Play Station 3, XBOX 360, XBOX and the PC One Windows. GTA V is the only version of the GTA that played 3 characters at once in the game. Apparently the developers did not play in make the best selling game of all time.

Some Missions GTA tough Break

Hello Friend of the readers and the gamers of the mission is to be solved by the game GTA or Grand Theft Auto. To let us discuss a few Grand Theft Auto Mission most annoying and difficult. Maybe you guys will be trying to remember the past, because it’s very nostalgic. You guys should be familiar with the existing missions below let’s look!

1. GTA Vice City Mission: Demolition Man

If you are a player who likes to play true GTA series-series should know, because if for example do not know kebangetan really. Yes, this is the Mission of GTA Vice City the eighth and you have to blow up a building that is being built with a remote control helicopter. It’s called Mission of GTA Vice City most annoying and difficult. In addition it has time restrictions in control it so much more difficult. But, now there is an easier way in the PC to be able to finish.

2. GTA San Andreas Mission: Wrong Side Of The Tracks

This is one of the famous mission of his difficult and annoying. This mission is known by Gamers GTA San Andreas over the distress. Yes, you have to drive the motor and gives Big Smoke and must shoot the gang that is on top of the train. That makes annoying is because Big Smoke can’t shoot correctly.

Usually the average person should many times complete this mission. And end-edges Big Smoke says “All you had to do was follow the damn train CJ!”

3. GTA San Andreas Mission Zero # 1: Air Raid

Some rather than all of you probably know this mission. Yes, the mission is located in the city of San Fierro i.e. second or San Francisco. This mission you should be fired on the remote control of aircraft Fly in the air and you have to shoot him with a Minigun. That makes it difficult because most ill-fitting shoot is not true.

The mission was given by the Zero is indeed the average hard-all. You must have passion and find some tisp strategy adds to the insights you one of them on this blog

4. GTA San Andreas Mission Zero # 2: Supply Lines

This is also one of the missions that in love by Zero to most CJ sucks and his difficult for mercy as well. In this mission you have to use the remote control aircraft and shooting at people who were told to Zero to be killed. This is one of the most mission hates it because it is hard to control it and fuel it could be so fast.

This is also one of the famous with his difficult mission and alias kampretnya and difficult to solve

5. GTA San Andreas Mission Zero # 3: New Model Army

Yes, this is the last mission of GTA San Andreas the most difficult and annoying given by the Zero. On the mission that this time you should be bombed all the obstacles that exist with a remote control airplane and if you die you fail. You have to drop off the car remote control Zero to the opponent.

Indeed the story is just a remote control, but his difficult make blood rise and make you really.
Yes it’s only a few things about the mission difficult games in may, may add insight and keep the spirit, thank you for visiting our blog don’t forget to always visit and Stay Tune!

How do I complete the Burglary Mission once play in GTA San Andreas

The GTA is an exciting Adventure games and save several important missions in it, talking about the Mission of GTA Has an awful lot of missions that must be completed as well as the Mission of the Burglary and how Solution actually in the mission do not add to 100% completion percentage, but the reward earned by CJ, i.e. Infinite Sprint, greatly help CJ completing missions in GTA San Andreas. Infinite Sprint is the skill that allows sprint continually ran CJ without stopping and feeling exhausted.

Many have said if the Burglary mission is not profitable, especially when the goal looking for money. In the Burglary mission results in sales of goods in the lockup. In addition to the CJ had to sneak in the House who want to be robbed, police chasedwhen C.J. caught homeowners. Rob drug dealers more exciting and the money obtained fair much.

Burglary missions can be accessed at the beginning of the game, even before CJ complete mission “Home Invasion”, when you want to create a Save Game Master, do not forget to complete the first sub mission of Burglary.

Burglary missions described in this tutorial is done in Los Santos. So for you who want to make a Save-Game Master, check out the tutorial here.
Burglary missions can be started from 02:00 p.m. to 06.00 in the morning. Find a Boxville truck parked at a particular location to begin your mission and go to where the target before 20:00. In Los Santos, Boxville trucks you can find in the Idlewood opposite place gym.

You must find two adjacent houses in the area of Playa Del Seville or near low-rider’s car repair shop in the Willowfield. Both houses must be marked with yellowcones which means the House could be accessed. Boxville parking between the twohouses. After CJ robbed the first home, second home, go and grab the stuff as much as possible in the living room. And this is the trick (bug), when CJ log in again to the House first, goods that last taken reappear. Continue to repeat over and over again, raiding the House first and then to the home of the first two and home again.

When resolved efficiently, CJ can steal 25 items in one night worth more than $10.000. Congratulations! A $3.000 reward and Infinite Sprint can be as easy as this CJ get instead?

Tips complete the Burglary Mission in one night

1. Rather than sneak left Shift + keypad with Directions that make CJ slowly, press “C” to advance while squat because it will not cause any sound. But stay focused to avoid the objects because it will cause a sound.
2. After the CJ stuff don’t sneak, straight out as soon as possible. And during a police counter on the screen has not reached 0, CJ can go again to the home earlier without a problem.
3. CJ could have been facing a homeowner with a silenced pistol. But CJ might have to get out of the House after doing so. Sign in again and now the noise meter does not exist. Now that CJ can be robbed without having to think of noise.
4. CJ may drive a Boxville before 20:00. Direct stand-by on target before 20:00. So, CJ has many maximum time until 18:00.
5. Although there is a counter to 00:00, CJ doesn’t have to arrive at the place of the lock-up at 18:00. After the counter is depleted, CJ will be given 5 minutes to get to the lock-up.
6. do not sort out which goods will be taken, take any because it costs just the same.
7. When signing in to the House that there are members of the Gank run out and find other homes.

8. Lock-up Places will not accept goods when CJ chased the police (there was a wanted star). Boxville paint in the Pay ‘n Spray to remove wanted star.

Okay so some tip Burglary Mission completion in GTA San andreas Games, good luck

Tips for completing the Missions ‘ Cesar Vialpando ‘ in GTA San Andreas PC

It is very important that we complete the missions in the game GTA San Andreas PC is a must, no exception of completing the Mission of Cesar Vialpando. Sometimes there is a mission that makes the friend was confused how to get it done, so until there arises the question, how do I accomplish the Mission of Cesar Vialpando?. If this question also represent the questions, Then best friends can read the discussion this time until completion.

gta mission 9

Cesar Vialpando missions in GTA San Andreas PC is the Mission of Sweet Johnson is CJ’s partner. This mission can be found in the radar with the symbol’s ‘ located in Ganton, Los Santos. To unlock this mission, PAL must first complete a mission named ‘ Sweet’s Girl ‘.

Overview Of The Mission “Cesar Vialpando”

You need to know Cesar Vialpando mission ‘ ‘ are you will be introduced to the existing features in the game GTA San Andreas PC, namely vehicle modding. In addition, you will meet a partner that plays an important role that will be with companions in the next missions, he does not and is not another Cesar.

There are three possible players unable to complete this mission, namely:

  1. Do not understand how to play the mini-games are contested.
  2. The player does not know control what should be used.
  3. Video Card or VGA with players still less capable so Blurry

Therefore, we will discuss one by one these issues carefully. In order to be more familiar companions, let us explain the quite long about how solving problems that arise through below.

1. Do not understand how to play the mini-games are contested.

This mini-game is actually quite easy to play, it just needs to be a bit understanding instead? This mini-game is a mini-games for the lowrider shows his dance ability. Quite interesting indeed, cars can go up down, up, and laterally. However, the core of this mini-game is a friend claimed to be pressing the combination of various directions quickly and precisely.

As usual, the first time you did to accomplish this mission is of course with the Sweet comes home in Ganton, then you will be asked to go to Unity Station. After a friend arrived at the destination, look for cars-lowriders near there. Then go into the garage, and start the car modification for it to be included into the mini-games, namely by giving modification Hydraulics on a car. If you already can gather together the gang lowriders for credits in the race.

2. The player does not know control what should be used.

In this second problem, lots of players don’t know how to play mini-games, especially control should be used or suppressed. It is sometimes frustrating to some even up to random keyboard pressing. It really isn’t anything if the best friend just want to dabble in it. However you should do is to press the-button in the direction as follows under it:

Direction Button mini-game Cesar Vialpando


1. 4 + 8/8 upper left direction/top, 8 + 6/top right.

2. 4/6 left/right.

3. 4 + 2/2 bottom left/bottom, 2 + 6/bottom right.

The numbers in the image above is a combination of buttons you have to press in accordance with the direction of the race. Companions need to know is that number using digits on the keyboard if numlock, General, PC companions will not be hard to find it, but if you use a laptop to play PAL, PAL must press Fn + num lock (num lock) in order to suppress the figures the num lock on the keyboard. Hanging with the brand of laptop that you use.

To issue a clear timing, you must press the button as accurately as possible so that the points a best friend can get high and beat your opponent’s points. The traits you got points was a friend get rating like, “Good”, “Excellent”, and “Perfect”. Try minimal might get a rating of “Bad”.

3. Video Card or VGA with players still less capable.

And the last but not less important, less nice VGA certainly make PAL play games GTA San Andreas PC being broken or the term lag. However, PAL can get around this by means of lowering the quality of the graphics in the game settings. The following image that can follow buddy so that the quality of the graphics of the game becomes minimal.

Already three ways of solving problems we discussed together, and I think it’s been too long if you continue. But certainly you now understand, how do I complete the mission ‘ Cesar Vialpando ‘ in the game GTA San Andreas PC May help!