Characters in GTA San Andreas Part II

GTA is the most action games adventure a lot in interest even from among children up to adult and here are a few characters that are often at play in GTA San Andreas games online

Eddi Pulaski 


Together with Tenpenny, he always tries to be able to kill CJ. This corrupt police also instrumental in misleading CJ and Sweet. Pulaski to say cowardly, because it has a bold and harsh nature if he was near his commander, Tenpenny. Voice for this character is Chris Penn who also has a Black Belt Karate and has starred in more than 50 films in Hollywood.


Although as a member of the CRASH unit led by Tenpenny. Hernandez’s overall role strongly disagree with the way in which the co-worker that is trying to kill CJ and damaging Grove St Families. Thanks to the help of Hernandez, Pendenbulry killer revealed. This then causes the death of Hernandez. Tenpenny and Pulaski feel cheated by the Hernandez attitude and then kill him. Dubber for this figure is Armando Riesco also the voice in GTA Vice City and Midnight Club II. In addition, Riesco also the voice of a few pedestrians in the GTA series.

Wu Zi Mu

Figures are tall and quiet. He is a collector. He is a figure who heads the gang named Boys Cloud Mountain, one part of the Triad gangs. Unfortunately, these figures are blind, though he was well known as a reliable rider and golfer. His involvement with the CJ was when he helped several missions that must be completed by CJ, one of which is against the Da Nang Boys, their rivals. Voice for Wu Zi Mu is James Yaegashi who starred in Round Bottle as Cole in 1999.

Mike Toreno

Toreno is one of the Loco Syndicate leaders which control several farms in Teirra Robada, together with T-Bone Mendez and Jizzy B. He also works as an agent of the CIA and squeezes Carl for his involvement in the drug trade. Toreno is said to help CJ to liberate Sweet from prison. But the role of Toreno is unethical because he uses CJ as shields for his safety. Why is that so? Because Toreno has many enemies in Los Santos. Voice for this character is James Woods, one of the best actor Academy Award in the film in Salvador as Richard Boyle.

Cesar Vialpano 

The character played by Clifton Collins has many tattoos on his body. Cesar is a CJ’s childhood friend who also helped CJ in through his life including taking care of the deed garage for a business that they develop in order to collect money. This figure mastered Los Aztecas and is obsessed with stolen cars. Cesar has a very high honour and integrity. It may be said that the role of Cesar in this series is very helpful CJ to regain territory and restore Grove St Families to its original state.


Denise Robinson

This figure is CJ’s first girlfriend. This Character who love drive by action has a close relationship with the Johnson family and Grove St Families. It could be said that she is a figure that is much coveted by the players in this game because of its appeal to be invited to have sex. But unfortunately, she can not always available anytime. The right time to be able to see Denis is 4 pm to 6 pm. Denise’s voice for the character is Heather Alicia Simms who starred Slow Run and Shock Act.

Brian and Beverly Johnson

They are may be the turmoil which then makes CJ eradicate Ballas and Vagos, one reason is the death of Brian and Beverly. Brian is CJ and Sweet’s brother who died in a shooting incident. Likewise with Mrs Beverly, who also died in the same incident, but at different times. We can say that these two characters are the starting point of the story plot of GTA San Andreas full of turmoil.

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