Important characters in GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas in the series, there are several prominent or powerful character that we present to the reader. Not all the characters we’ve entered, only some of the figures that have an important role for this series alone story. The voice in the series can be said is the people who’ve starred in a wide range of Hollywood films such as Menace II Society and Pulp Fiction.

Carl Johnson (CJ)


CJ is the main character in this game. CJ, the acronym of Carl Johnson is a protagonist figure in the story of GTA San Andreas. Carl Johnson and in this article we call as CJ was born and grew up in Los Santos, exactly at Grove Street, Ganton. CJ does not live alone in the house, he was alive and living with his parents and brother. CJ joining a gang named Grove Street families in their environment is when CJ was a child and get to know some of his friends like Sean Sweet. With Reviews their entry into the gang, no doubt if there is another gang that is bothering them. The gangs that Also disturbing is the Vagos and Ballas.

Voice for the character CJ is a rapper named Chris Maylay Bellar. He is hopeful of success for GTA San Andreas.

Sean Johnson (Sweet)

Sweet is CJ’s older brother. Sweet argues that the mastermind is to blame for the death of Brian, their brother is Carl. Sweet is the head of the group or gang Grove St Families where CJ also present in it. Sweet very uncontrollable and is a very strong character. For Sweet, not a word of apology to Carl before all debts repaid by Carl. Including the deaths of his brother. It may be said that Sweet is a figure very loyal to the GSF. It is said that Sweet was caught by the Los Santos corrupt police because of gunfire until finally able freed by CJ with the help of Toreno.

Voice for this character is Faizon Love, who was born in 1968 in Santiago de Cuba.


Big Smoke

People who have extreme weight is so obsessed with money. Although at the beginning of the story he was on the list of gang members Grove St Families, but eventually he joined the Ballas and Vagos because tempted by money. Voiced for Big Smoke is Clifton Powell who also starred in the film Menace II Society.

Ryder Lance Wilson

The character played by MC Eiht who also starred Menace Society II belongs to the traitor in the gang leaders Grove St Families. It is said that Ryder is not Loyal and very greedy. The posture of this one is thin, short, and stubborn. One of the big mistakes that became known Ryder is doing business with the Loco Syndicate headed by Mike Toreno, Jizzy B, and T-Bone Mendez.


This is the figure who acted as one of the corrupt police officers in Los Santos that the culprit murder Pendenbulry and CJ blame for what happened. It may be said that Tenpenny really do not like CJ and the gang Grove St Families. Together with his colleague, Pulaski. He built a business that dwells in the world of crime in Los Santos. Officers who lead the CRASH unit in Los Santos it is a respected officer, that is why he was always able to escape from a wide range of possibilities for the law. Including when he was found guilty of murder Pendenbulry, but later released because of insufficient evidence to put him in the jail.

Voiced for this figure is Samuel L. Jackson, one of the ever nominated for an Oscar for his role as Jules Winnfield, a burly and foul-mouthed in the Pulp Fiction movie.

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