Skills in GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas to be able to accomplish a variety of missions that inside in the GTA San Andreas. There are some skills that must be possessed by the players.


The fat in San Andreas is very important. Because CJ really deals with this one. Fat can help CJ to be able to do various activities such as walking. Fat also affects the strength and muscle mass. If you do not have fat, it is impossible to move.


When you are swimming, running and cycling. You need stamina and endurance are high. Especially if you are working on a mission. Of course, if you are not good durability will be devastating to the failure of the mission, in fact rarely caught by police and death. Unfortunately, the increase in stamina which can be obtained by jogging and working out at the fitness centre is very low. However, this decreased stamina are low as well.

Lung capacity

Although this skill is only used in one mission but can be quite important to help you resolve it through scuba diving. Imagine if your lung capacity is low. We do not guarantee your ability to dive and swim to complete the mission.


This is a very important indicator of skill. By having a high honour, you can get and brings together some of the gang that can help you control the city. To get respect, you can do so by completing quests, killing drug dealers, occupy enemy territory and against the police. While having a high honour, you can make a lot of people participated in fighting corrupt police in Los Santos.


This indicator signifies your skills in a variety of things, especially in the fight. If you hover your blow to the enemy using his muscular hands, it will make them stagger even died. Muscles are also able to influence you to learn a lot of new moves that you can combine a mission in Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas.

Driving Skills

Driving becomes important to master. When you can not find the car, the motorcycle can be a solution to perform the mission. This expertise requires a balance.

Driving skills and shooting

Other skills that must be possessed by the players game GTA San Andreas is the driving skills and expertise in the use of weapons, both firearms and sharp weapons.

Expertise in driving affects your speed to perform various actions. pursuit and escape from the police. In GTA San Andreas, known term drive-by, which means shooting from the top of the car. This is the next skill worth having. You should be able to do the shooting on target both the enemy and the police. In addition, the aim should also be appropriate so as not to waste your ammo.

Cycling skills

For some missions, players usually use a bike beforehand, besides the use of bicycles is also intended for pleasure. But you should know that starting with cycling skills can open up other skills such as a high jump. Your skills will also determine the speed biking you in GTA San Andreas.

Sex appeal

It is true that these skills are not so important in GTA San Andreas. However, in order to make more money. You have to know how to get the expertise to sex. Some things that can make the appeal for having sex increases is a fashion clothing that you wear and how much you have intercourse earlier. If you managed to get girls and have sex with him, you’ll get an extra bonus.

In addition to the skills above, there are other skills that you must have such as diving skills and the ability to fly using a helicopter.

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